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All Vertical Doors, Inc. systems are "Direct Bolt-On" kits that are professionally Researched and Designed by our engineers for each specific vehicle that we offer. It's a complete well-designed and tested system, and it's very easy to install. This system is everything you need for a successful, reliable and cost effective conversion in a minimum amount of time.

Please ask your dealer to make sure you are getting the Our Original Brand when you purchase any conversion kits. There are Dealers/Shops using our name to Sell the cheap imitation imported version that does not fit, and selling under our Brand Name. PATENT # 6,808,223; #6,845,547; #7,059,655 & Other Patents pending.

Vertical Doors or Lambo Doors kits are esthetic, yet practical upgrades that make car doors open upwards vertically in the general style that is used on most Lamborghinis. The factory hinges of the doors are replaced by a vehicle-specific Vertical Doors Conversion Kit (bi-directional hinges) that let the doors open vertically instead of opening horizontally like normal car doors.

Vertical Doors are also known as Vertical Doors Conversion, Lambo Doors, Lambo Style Doors LSD, Lamborghini Doors, Scissor Doors, Wing Doors and Butterfly

The unique design of vertical doors was first introduced in the concept car, which offered unique doors that rotate vertically at a hinge which is fixed at the end of the windshield.

Lambo doors are typically used in higher end and exotic cars. Lamborghinis were designed around the concept of having vertical doors from the beginning; however, our everyday cars were not designed in this way. This is where we have taken the Vertical Doors concept to new heights. Once upon a time you would only see these kinds of doors in futuristic movies but today you can own them. When the lambo doors were first seen, they were thought to be unconventional, unusual and even weird. However, lambo doors today are a fashion statement of the highest order.

Only the vehicle factory door’s hinges are replaced with our bolt-on vehicle-specific (not universal) Vertical Doors Conversion Kit. Mounted directly at the points where the original doors were mounted, this kit utilizes your vehicle’s original mounting points (factory hinges’ pre-existed bolt holes and bolt pattern) on the body and on the doors. No welding, drilling, painting or repainting are required. The factory doors, locks, latches, electronics, electrics and all other systems stay intact. Doors will always close and seal as they did exactly from the factory, so you keep all of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) safety mechanisms. As well, all conversions can be removed at any time, bringing the vehicle back to its original factory setup with no damage or premanent change to the vehicle and not sign of conversion.

Your ride will keep its factory look and feel while you are driving, but the moment you stop and raise your doors you will experience a whole new level of attention that no other upgrade can give you.

The kit is fully compliant with the Highway Traffic Act’s regulations and safety inspection requirements. It has also been crash tested by DEKRA in Germany and TUV certified. All our kits come with a lifetime warranty. This conversion is safe, approved and reversible; therefore it does not void the original vehicle manufacturer’s warranty