Vehicle Specific Installation Instruction

Installation Tech Tips

All our kits come with Easy-to-follow installation instruction booklet and online installation video clip
Do not take Door off during installation Please follow the detailed instruction manual step by stepMake sure the mounting surface is flat as possible, if anything is there, grind the surface so the vertical door kit can sit and mount flat. Make sure both allen screw adjustment on each system are adjusted accordingly.
For Tech Support, please call our tech support department 951-273-1069 M-F 8-4 PM (Pacific Standard Tine) Before you call please have questions ready to ask, We are more than happy to answer any technical problems.

Installation Video Clip:
Following is a sample  installation on Chrysler 300C which shows you how easy is to install our 100% direct bolt-on kit.

Vehicle Specific Installation Instructions Booklet:
Followings are some of the sample vehicle specific installation instruction booklets which come with your kit. Most applications are sent with vehicle-specific installation instructions, with every detail and even the location of each fastener like bolts or clips for each vehicle clearly indicated. With the a little mechanical skill you can install our kit by yourself or any body shop will be able to install it for you. 

                   Ford Mustang 2005-UP ( .PDF)

                   Ford Mustang 1994-2004 ( .PDF)

                   Nissan 350 Z 2003-UP(. PDF)

                   Chevrolet Camaro 2010-UP ( .PDF)
                  Chevrolet Corvette 2005-2010 ( .PDF)

                   300 C 2005-UP ( .PDF)

                   Eclipse 2006-UP ( .PDF)


(more coming up...)